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Oxygenating the Heart

Bouncing strengthens your heart in two ways: It improves the tone and quality of the muscle itself, and it increases the coordination of the fibers as they wring blood out of the heart during each beat. The aerobic effect of bouncing equals and often surpasses that of running.

Your rate of bouncing will vary, depending on how vigorously you bounce and how high you lift your feet off the mat. Bouncing will give you the ideal aerobic effect with almost any rate of performance, because it fills all the requisites of an oxygenating exercise.

Cleansing the Lymphatic System

Your lymphatic system is a network of tissues and organs that is responsible for

cleansing and nourishing your body.


But unlike your cardiovascular system, your lymphatic system has no circulatory pump of its own, a heart muscle to move the fluid around through its lymph vessels, so it has no way to remove the toxins efficiently without help.


There are just three ways to activate the flow of lymph away from the tissues it serves and back into circulation:

1. muscular contraction from exercise and movement;

2. internal massage to the valves of the lymph ducts; and

3. gravitational pressure

Bouncing supplies all three methods of removing waste products from the cells and from the body. 

The bouncing motion effectively moves and recycles the lymph and the entire blood supply through the circulatory system many times during the course of the bouncing session.


It creates a free-flowing lymphatic drainage system, which helps rid your body of toxins,

cancer cells, wastes, trapped protein, bacteria, viruses  and other waste the cells cast off.

The blood enters the capillaries and supplies the cells with fresh food and oxygen, and stimulates and improves your lymphatic circulation.

Research has shown that exercise that involves opposing gravity does the most for your lymphatic system. This is why 10 minutes of bouncing on a mini-trampoline /bouncer,

will help provide the ideal conditions for cleansing your cells.


Bouncing is the perfect exercise for your lymphatic and immune system!

Stabilizing the Nervous System

Bouncing is also an excellent method of reducing stress, as it is very relaxing.

Bouncing not only stabilizes the nervous system during the exercise period,

but continues to help maintain equilibrium after you step off the bouncer.


It can put the bouncing person into a trance like state and totally relax him or her.

Bouncing not only stabilizes the nervous system during the exercise period, but continues to help maintain equilibrium after one steps off the device. The result is increased resistance to environmental, physical, emotional, and mental stress. It may possibly help an individual to avoid psychosomatic disease and mental or behavioral instability.

Rebounding may be enjoyed for a lifetime and adjusted to your own particular level of fitness. It is safe, convenient and inexpensive, and its protective effects against degenerative diseases make it one of the most effective forms of motion in the work place, in recreational pursuits, or in simply exercising for the care of your body and mind.

Dr Morton Walker, world famous lecturer end writer in the alternative health field, has outlined 30 anti-aging benefits of rebounding-

any one of which might change your quality of life forever! 

HELPS FIGHT FATIGUE: Bouncing tones the glandular system to increase the output of the thyroid gland. The pituitary and the adrenals- that help to restore energy. 

STRENGTHENS THE HEART: Bouncing strengthens the heart. Increasing the G-force will cause greater contraction. The involved muscles work harder and get stronger. 

NOURISHES THE HEART: By strengthening the heart muscle, Bouncing allows the resting heart to beat less often. Each beat becomes more powerful and sends out a greater surge of blood around the body to nourish its 60 trillion cells.

IMPROVES CIRCULATION: Bouncing encourages collateral circulation-the formation of new branch blood vessels that distribute blood to the heart. This is helpful when there is a lack of nutrition to the tissues as a result of impairment of the main blood flow. 

REDUCES BLOOD PRESSURE: Bouncing boosts muscles tine in the middle arterial muscles which acts as a buffer during high stress periods. 

AIDS MUSCLE TRAINING: Muscle training from Bouncing also helps return blood pressure to normal levels quicker after acute stress.

LOWERS CHOLESTEROL: Bouncing has proven to help lower cholesterol and triglyceride levels. 

FIGHTS HEART DISEASE: Bouncing holds off the incidence of cardiovascular disease. 

BOOSTS RED BLOOD CELLS: Bouncing increases the functional activity of the red bone marrow of the production of red blood cells. The red blood cells carry oxygen and nutrients to the tissues of the body and also help remove carbon dioxide in them. 

FACILITATES OXYGEN: Bouncing establishes a better equilibrium between the oxygen required by the tissues and the oxygen made available.

CIRCULATES OXYGEN: Bouncing circulates more oxygen to the tissues-and where there is oxygen there cannot be disease.

INCREASE RESPIRATION: Bouncing increases the capacity for respiration. Breathing is controlled by changes it the volume of the chest cavity brought about mainly by the muscular movements of the diaphragm. Repeated Bouncing exercise accomplishes more muscular movements of the diaphragm with the consequent chest expansion.

AIDS MUSCLE PERFORMANCE: Bouncing helps fluid move easily within the body, thus helping muscle performance and lightening the load required of the heart. 

AIDS LYMPHATIC CIRCULATION: Bouncing helps the Lymph fluids circulate throughout the entire body-which acts as your body's internal vacuum cleaner.

PROMOTES BODY GROWTH: Growth of the long bones is especially stimulated by Bouncing due to the stimulating effect of the pituitary gland, which produces a growth hormone. 

STIMULATES METABOLISM: Bouncing provides for a better absorption of nutrients from food intake and conditions all of the body's systems to handle energy more efficiently.

ENHANCES DIGESTION AND ELIMINATION PROCESS: The gentle bounce exercise of Bouncing has been exceedingly effective in returning natural, regular bowel movements to chronically constipated individuals.

AIDS ENDURANCE: Bouncing expands the capacity for fuel storage, resulting in extra endurance. 

REDUCES OBESITY: Bouncing diminishes body fat, improves body tone, improves muscle tone, improves the efficiency with which the body burns carbohydrates, and lowers pulse rate and blood pressure.

BUILDS ALKALINE RESERVE: Bouncing provides an addition to the alkaline reserve of the body which may be of significance in an emergency requiring prolonged effort.

AIDS PEAK CELL FUNCTION: Bouncing helps the body attain absolute potential of the cells through chemical function.

EASES MENSTRUAL DISCOMFORT: Bouncing curtails the occurrence of fatigue and menstrual discomfort.

IMPROVES COORDINATION: Bouncing improves coordination through the transmission of more impulses and responsiveness of the muscle fibers.

AIDS IN MUSCLE TONE: Bouncing affords a feeling of muscular vigor from increased muscle tone. Healthy muscles are important to our sense of well-being, our grace, our coordination, and our energy. 

BUILDS STRENGTH RESERVE: Bouncing supplies a reserve of bodily strength and physical efficiency. 

DELIVERS MUSCLE PAIN RELIEF: Bouncing offers relief from neck and back pain, from headaches and from other pains caused by the lack of use of the various joints and muscles of the body. 


MAINTAIN PEAK BRAIN FUNCTION AT ANY AGE: Bouncing results in better mental performance, with keener learning processes.

BRINGS ON BETTER SLEEP: Even very light, gentle Bouncing allows for better and easier relaxation and sleep.

MINIMIZES THE NUMBER OF COLDS: Bouncing helps keep the entire body with all of its variable systems in tune and minimizes the number of colds, allergies, digestive disturbances and abdominal problems.

STOPS PREMATURE AGING: Bouncing can actually reverse, prevent, or diminish the hardening of the arteries. By conquering the ultimate pathology, you will keep your mind alert, skin smooth, skeleton flexible, libido intact, kidneys functioning, blood circulation, liver detoxifying, enzyme systems alive, hold memory intact, and avoid all systems of the aging process.

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